Apple Professional Learning Services

Customised professional learning for schools

We help engage your staff in professional learning.


We help teachers amplify learning with technology.


We help you create and develop your vision for teaching and learning.


As Apple Professional Learning (APL) Specialists, we are uniquely qualified to work with schools to show them how to best use Apple products for learning and teaching. We coach, mentor, and support teachers in advancing their technology skills with an emphasis on innovation — to engage students in deeper learning.

APL Specialists provide:

  • Leadership and planning support

  • Professional learning plans to match learning goals

  • Research-based strategies for learning with technology

  • Hands-on instructional coaching and mentoring

Coaching sessions include:

  • Learning about technology and content resources

  • Co-creating exploratory learning experiences

  • Modelling in-class lessons

  • Collaborative reflection and recommendation

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The goal of 407 Learning is to deliver high-quality professional learning to schools. Founded by educators who sought to empower school leaders, teachers, and students to use technology thoughtfully and effectively to engage in deeper learning experiences. Our focus is to improve student outcomes through high-quality technology-rich instruction using the latest research-based pedagogical practices.

Whether you are in the planning stages or are well on your way to digital transformation, our professional learning workshops will focus your efforts and leverage the skills, talents, and creativity of your current staff. Our comprehensive approach to professional learning means that your school will receive a custom professional learning experience. Our professional learning blends the latest research-proven methods, with the real-world experiences (and constraints) of schools just like yours.

Our Most Popular Teacher Workshops


New to iPad, or perhaps rolling iPad through your school? Perhaps your teachers haven’t seen the power of iPad or its capabilities for every age group. This interactive session provides a baseline for you and your staff and covers productivity, workflow and lesson design

Focussed on learning, this interactive workshop harnesses the power of iPad and how it can be used within outcome driven lesson design, in a 1:1 or 1:many environment. It focusses on using iPad with students to deepen learning and enhance creativity across the curriculum


This interactive workshop helps teachers see the potential of Mac in their classroom, from tips and tricks for productivity through to creating deeper learning opportunities for your students, with your students

Designed for schools who have integrated online & face to face learning. This workshop blends traditional classroom methods with online interactivity. Leveraging your LMS & the tools at your disposal, this highly bespoke workshop has been incredibly popular as schools reimagine their teaching & learning


This hugely popular workshop is designed for teachers to teach students to develop and communicate ideas through video, photography, music, and drawing. Be prepared to ignite creativity by showing your teachers fun and meaningful ways to bring these skills into any lesson, at any grade level

Leveraging different platforms, this workshop is designed at helping teachers plan and deliver units of work involving storytelling. Using a variety of multi-modal apps and tools, discover how digital tools can enhance the ideation, planning, and creative phases of student storytelling in outcome driven lesson design

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Everyone can make music! With GarageBand you have a powerful musical instrument that can unlock your creative musical potential. This workshop explores how music works, arms teachers with the essentials and understanding to get started making and creating music.

Designed and delivered by our good friend and Apple Professional Learning Specialist Steve Jackman

A Selection of our Tool-Focused Workshops

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  • Blended Learning

  • Asynchronous content

  • Creative curation


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  • Creative techniques

  • Self Expression

  • Undiscovered abilities


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  • Deeper Learning

  • Storytelling

  • Engagement


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  • Deeper Learning

  • Content Creation

  • Animation


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  • Deeper Learning

  • Content Creation

  • Animation


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  • Unleashed creativity

  • Storytelling

  • Problem Solving


Creative Workflow Solutions

Simplify daily teaching and provide personalised learning for every student

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Unleash Creativity

Develop and communicate ideas. Ignite creativity. Any lesson. Any year group.

Recognise Achievments

Build out your professional learning and be recognised for your skills

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