The goal of 407 Learning is to deliver high-quality professional learning to schools. Founded by educators who sought to empower school leaders, teachers, and students to use technology thoughtfully and effectively to engage in deeper learning experiences. Our focus is to improve student outcomes through high-quality technology-rich instruction using the latest research-based pedagogical practices.


Technology Training

We are experts in training teachers for face to face, blended, hybrid and/or distance learning. In addition, we focus our professional development on leveraging technology to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your school prepare for any scenario.

Future-ready Professional Development

We help schools implement system-wide programmatic improvements. We have extensive experience in change management. Let us help your school design and implement a hybrid and future-ready professional learning strategy that supports technology-rich teaching and learning. 

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Strategic Planning

Looking to the future? We help shape your school's vision into a classroom facing reality. We'll work with your entire community to distil core values and use these as we work together to design a strategic plan for teaching and learning at your school.

Whether you are in the planning stages or are well on your way to digital transformation, our professional learning workshops will focus your efforts and leverage the skills, talents, and creativity of your current staff. Our comprehensive approach to professional learning means that your school will receive a custom professional learning experience. Our professional learning blends the latest research-proven methods, with the real-world experiences (and constraints) of schools just like yours.


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