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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

As it says front and centre on our website, the goal of 407 Learning is to deliver high-quality professional learning to schools. 407 Learning was founded by educators who sought to empower school leaders, teachers, and students to use technology thoughtfully and effectively to engage in deeper learning experiences. Our focus is to improve student outcomes through high-quality technology-rich instruction using the latest research-informed pedagogical practices.

In Thailand, and across South East Asia we are working with schools at all stages of their digital transformation journey, from delivering ‘edtech’ skills based workshops to turning a CEO (or school’s) vision into a classroom-facing reality.

But what does that actually mean in practice?

Throughout our careers in education and the private sector, we have seen technology used thoughtfully and impactfully. We have planned and implemented professional learning which has had high impact, and also been on the receiving end of professional learning of the highest quality and impact. We have also seen the reverse of that. We have seen technology deployment fail, loss of impact, lack of professional development or professional learning. When schools have fallen short, it is usually because of 2 underlying reasons: budget, and staffing - but this can be grouped into one overarching reason - a lack of sustainability.

As a team of professional learning specialists, we at 407 have a wide-ranging set of skills and a depth of experiences which together make us larger than the sum of our parts. We have worked in, led, and helped create successful teams and believe in developing the culture that is required for success. Our strong pedagogical knowledge coupled with our extensive experience in leading and developing professional learning (especially centred around the impactful use of technology), uniquely places us to be able to help others.

We take a different approach to other consultants. We won’t just drop in for a one-off Keynote (unless you really want us to!). We want to be as close to the learning as possible; we want to coach, we want to be an extension of your teams - we want to help you build successful teams and sustainable models, especially around technology integration. We want to help you design and define your professional development pathways so that your staff and students have the greatest chance of success and realise that for staff, the results of development are not always vertical progression, but horizontal development is equally important.

You will see on our website that we offer different levels of support. On the ground, we love delivering technology workshops to teachers. Be it the nuts and bolts of how to actually turn on, set up and use a piece of hardware or software, all the way through to facilitating sessions on how to deliver blended learning effectively; integrating technology into your existing curriculum, adapting your lesson design for hybrid learning environments or creating a teaching and learning toolkit for cross platform use. We love working alongside teachers to develop impactful use of technology for deeper learning experiences and improved workflow. Often our work with middle and senior leaders in planning these types of sessions rightfully leads us into deeper conversations about how this fits into the bigger picture of school professional development as a whole, the longer-term plan and how to take one-off workshops and turn them into a series of meaningful engagements - and how/why that should integrate with professional learning as a whole.

So when thinking about the layers of school management, we can work with your leadership teams on how to structure professional learning, develop lesson design and delivery, help you define and develop existing professional development, deploy or sustain 1:1 schemes or build out your successful teams. At the time of writing, we are working with many schools on how to structure lessons in a time of hybrid learning, balancing online and socially distant face to face teaching.

We work with executive teams, CEOs and school owners on helping shape and deliver a vision, and translating the vision into a classroom facing reality. For many schools, this is turning their offer into 21st Century-ready instruction and curriculum design, or aligning their offer to their mission statement. Many schools are part of a group of schools and often there is a need for mission alignment between schools, or addressing imbalances in infrastructure, skills or leadership. We can help.

As a company, our professional learning blends the latest research-informed methods with the real-world experiences (and constraints) of schools just like yours. When you work with us, you will be getting our full attention, and a bespoke package that strives to get to the heart of the matter, to understand your ‘why’ and help you deliver the ‘how’.

We work closely with Apple and schools that deploy iPads as part of their technology offering, and work with many schools that deploy hybrid models for their technology infrastructure - perhaps having iPad as their device but using G Suite/Seesaw/Firefly and so on as their platforms. Our professional learning will reflect this as this is actually the real world that we are teaching and learning in. Whatever technology you use in your school, we will help staff to leverage the platforms and hardware at their disposal and make this a succinct, understandable, and scaleable framework for success.

Everyone at 407 is an Apple Professional Learning Specialist, who can help staff and education leaders create learning environments that address the needs of all learners through innovative approaches to pedagogy, curriculum, and assessment.

We are also Google for Education Certified Trainers, allowing us to dive deeper into the power of G Suite and Chromebooks, as well as Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts and Master Trainers, allowing us a unique macro view of all of the ‘big three’ and the benefits that they all bring. We’ve worked with schools of all sizes, programs, curriculums, national, international, private, and public.

As a result, we are device agnostic, believing in the best tools for the job in hand. Many schools operate in a hybrid environment, with perhaps Apple, G Suite and Office 365 all utilised at some level. We have spent our careers in similar working environments and can help you navigate the pathways to success leveraging all of the tools at your disposal. Let our experience and success work for you.

We are certain that we can help you!

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